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Model No: FIM 10TON


We want to tell you about this machine that can produce 10 tons of flake ice per day.
Yes, this machine can produce approximately 410 kg of ice per hour. It has a vertical type cylindrical evaporator. The inner surface is covered with carbon steel and the outer surface is covered with stainless sheet material.
It has been designed for years of trouble-free operation.
Someone who owns Tamutom 10 ton flake ice machine gets used to this machine so much that getting 10 tons of ice per day now seems like an ordinary event.
Yes, this machine is the least problematic machine compared to other ice machines. If monthly checks and annual maintenance are done regularly, it works great for many years.
It is an indispensable machine, especially for fishermen.
If you want to have Tamutom Flake Ice Machine, you can contact our professional sales support team.


Where you can use a 10-ton flake ice machine?

• Fishing and aquaculture
• Concrete plants


Please, click the link below for the product video;

Sea Water Flake Ice Machine 10 TON/day

  • Ice production capacity per day

    10.000kg / day

    Ice production capacity per hour

    420 kg / h

    Compressor capacity

    60 hp

    Compressor model

    Semi-Hermetic Type

    Compressor electric power

    35.26 kW /h

    Power supply

    380-415 V, 3 Phase,50-60 Hz

    Ice temperature

    Minus 2˚C - 3˚C

    Ice thickness

    1,8 - 2,2 mm


    Freon R404A

    Colour of ice


    Size of machine

    340 * 150 * 185 cm

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