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We make cold rooms in 20ft like or 40ft containers according to usage areas and need. The cold air chambers that keep food fresh for the first time are the different sectors.


The Benefits of the Containerized Cold Room


20 or 40 container cold air chambers provide ease of use without the need for mounting. From the point of view that the use of the outdoor area is also convenient, the firm brings great convenience. Both ice making and product storage can be used easily.


Device Features


There is room temperature of +5 / -18 degrees.
The energy capacity is high, electricity consumption is low. 380-415 V works with 3 Phases.
Product size is 20 FT or 40FT container.
Panel thickness is sandwich panels ranging from 8cm to 12cm.
Door thickness is an 80 mm panel door.
Uses for many years.
Room temperature can be adjusted from +5 degrees to -20 degrees.
The area size is 10 m2 to 22 m2 capacity.

Usage Areas of Containerized Cold Air Room


Fishing and Aquaculture
Supermarket, fish restaurants
Pharmaceutical industry
Meat and poultry products
Artificial ice fields
Vegetable, fruit and beverage types
Concrete plants
Major restaurants



Note: Please ask for the price of the machine

Mobile Cold Storage

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