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What is the icy water?


It's a new technology has been invented by Rosen Company in 2009 for the best solution of Concrete Batching Plants. It's a kind of water cooling system that can reduce the water temperature to 0,5˚C of the huge tonnage water capacity as 10 ton - 20 ton.  The content is few amounts of ice pieces in cold water. 

That's the best and optimum cooling system for Concrete Batching Plants. 
Available concrete batching capacity is between 30m ³ to 200m ³  

What are the differences from other cooling systems?

Classic water cooling systems ( such as Chiller ) can reduce the water temperature only 8˚C. But the Icy-Water technology can reduce the water temperature up to 0.5 ˚ C . Just in 1 hour, Icy-Water Plant can reduce the temperature of the water.
Ice water technology is the place between chiller systems and flake ice systems. Icy-Water Technology has advantages of both these systems. It has higher performance and capacity than the chiller systems. Also, It has low cost and ease of use than then flake ice system. All the advantages become a reason for the choice.


Ice water system operation,

That's an Invention Patent Rosen Refrigeration system  ( Icy-Water Plant ) has intended in 2009. Now it has experienced in many Batching Plant successfully. The system is running with a closed-loop system inside a Container. 

Use of and integrated into the system,

Icy-Water system connects to the water system of Concrete plant and system run automatically. Operation becomes very easy, no need maintenance, closed-circuit system.

Placement and installation,

It's a system which closed-loop set up inside 20" or 40" isolated container. It's protected by all external factors. It's like a mobile system that easily carries and moves to another place you need.

Our facilities in various regions of the world today are used by the World's largest construction companies.



Note: Please ask for the price of the machine

Icy-Water Cooler

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