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Freshwater Flake Ice Drum


As the key part of the complete flake ice machine, the ice flakes evaporator plays important role in making ice. To matching the various Ice Flake evaporator, you can make choice about the refrigeration units and refrigerant Mainly  R404A.


The ice flakes evaporator processed from a special alloy with lightness and high heat conduction efficient approximating that of Aluminum.

Every flake ice scraper processed in special designing without any jointing then in high solidity and can rotate well nearly 8 years.

All components selected are of top-quality and meet configuration needs, which makes the evaporator hold less space, and achieve the best performance.

The flake ice is glittering and translucent, hard, and pure.

Ice making and dropping happen seamlessly With a heavy-duty gear motor and control panel Including. base plate, ice blade, and internal rotating mechanism can be easily integrated into refrigeration plants

Freshwater Flake Ice Evaporator

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