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Model No: FIM 500


This model produces 500kg of ice per day and this makes about 20.8kg per hour. It is a small scale machine. It is designed in two different options as freshwater and saltwater. The 500kg flake ice machine can meet the requirements of small fishermen and bakery products. It operates 24 hours a day. There is no intervention or manual use. The inner surface of the device is made of carbon steel and polished. the outside is covered with stainless steel material. It continuously produces an ice sheet and drops ice from the bottom space of the device. Therefore, if desired, the ice storage can be placed under the device to ensure that the ice is kept cold. You can browse our productions in different options to stock ice. Today we have export our own production flake ice machines all around the world.


Device Features


• -2 degrees and -3 degree ice temperatures are available.

• Ice thickness is between 1.8 and 2.2 mm.

• Power consumption is 2,5 KW / h and 380-415 V, 3 Phase.

• Device size:  100 * 90 * 80 cm
• Hourly ice production is 25 kg / h.
• Compressor capacity is 3 hp Scroll Type.
• The refrigerant - Freon R404A.


Please, click the link below for the product video;

Flake Ice Machine 500 KG/day

  • Ice production capacity per day

    500kg / day

    Ice production capacity per hour

    20 kg / h

    Compressor capacity

    3 hp

    Compressor model

    Hermetic Type

    Compressor electric power

    2,2 kW /h

    Power supply

    380-415 V, 3 Phase,50-60 Hz

    Ice temperature

    Minus 2˚C - 3˚C

    Ice thickness

    1,8 - 2,2 mm


    Freon R404A

    Colour of ice


    Size of machine

    71 * 110 * 75 cm.

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