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Model No: FIM 15TON


Unbelievably, but yes, this machine produces 15 tons of flake ice per day. This means exactly 833 kg of ice per hour. It produces ice with almost zero error with its vertical type of roller.

It produces ice automatically for 24 hours without any user effort and leaves the ice from the surface with the cutter cylindrical double knife and leaves it in the bottom space.

Preferably, an ice tank is placed at the bottom, so that ice can accumulate there. As Tamutom Ice Machines, we generally recommend container ice storage under leaf ice. In this way, ice can be stored in a mobile warehouse with easy production. You can see examples of this in ice storage systems.

15-ton flake ice machine uses 2 pieces of 50hp semi-hermetic refrigeration compressor for cooling.

Air-cooled or water-cooled condensers can be preferred as condenser type. This option is recommended by our expert engineers according to the conditions under which the machine will operate.


So, where are 15 tons of flake ice per day, and by whom?


We can say this question as 2 different sectors.

1. The fishing industry may need this machine to cool and maintain fish.

2. The concrete cooling sector is definitely the preferred machine in hot regions for the production of ready-mixed concrete.

When using in both sectors, ice storage options are definitely preferred.


If you need a 15-ton flake ice machine, it is useful to contact our professional sales support team. You can be sure that we can guide you in the best way.


Please, click the link below for the product video;

Flake Ice Machine 15 TON /day

  • Ice production capacity per day

    15.000kg / day

    Ice production capacity per hour

    625 kg / h

    Compressor capacity

    80 hp

    Compressor model

    Semi-Hermetic Type

    Compressor electric power

    55 kW /h

    Power supply

    380-415 V, 3 Phase,50-60 Hz

    Ice temperature

    Minus 2˚C - 3˚C

    Ice thickness

    1,8 - 2,2 mm


    Freon R404A

    Colour of ice


    Size of machine

    500 * 220 * 200 cm

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