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Model no: BIM 10 TON


That model can produce 10.000 kg of block ice in 24 hours. Daily 3 times production and each shift are 7-8 hours. 
There are the different weight of blocks are available such as 12kg, 15kg, 20kg or 25kg which according to customer's require.

The 10-Ton Block Ice Machine Makes It Even More

• It provides ice production at -12 degrees.
• The energy capacity is high, electricity consumption is low. The device operates with 50 KW / hour energy consumption and 380-415 V, 3 Phase.
• The refrigerant is Freon R404A.
• Device measurements are in the form of 1000 * 214 * 142 cm.
• The mold material produced by taking care of your health is made of completely stainless steel AISI 304 material as both internal and external surfaces.

• Harvesting Equipment is available which is for easy harvesting. Thawing Tank, Tilting Unit, Ice Bench, and Water Filling Tank. 

Usage Areas of 10 Tons of Block Ice Machine

• Fishing and aquaculture
• Supermarket, fish restaurants
• Pharmaceutical sector
• Meat and poultry products
• Artificial ice fields
• Vegetable, fruit and beverage types
• Concrete plants
• Major restaurants


Please, click the link below for the product video; 

Block Ice Machine 10 TON /day

  • Total ice making capacity

    10 Ton / 24hrs

    Weight of per block

    15 kg

    Amount of ice blocks

    225 pcs

    Amount of ice block per 24hrs

    675 blocks

    Ice production time

    8 hours

    Power supply

    380-415 V, 3 Phase

    Ice temperature

    - 12˚C


    Freon R404A

    Colour of ice block


    Energy Consumption

    40 kW/h

    Size of machine

    1000 * 214 * 180 cm

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